About Crawford Preschool-6

*The first school built in the town of Crawford was in 1906. Stone from the Smith Fork Canyon was used in the construction of the school. Unfortunately, a fire in 1912 destroyed the building. A year later a new school was built using the same stone from the original 1906 school building. The current Crawford school was built in 1981; it houses the school bell from the old Crawford school. The bell is still used on occasion and students are excited if they have the opportunity to pull the rope to ring this special bell.

Today, Crawford School includes preschool through eighth grade with a staff of 17. Crawford hosts one of the largest school libraries in our district. Our school has an active music program involving general music, band, and an on-going tradition of a musical in the spring. A unique aspect of the school is the hiking trail located directly behind the school where elementary students are led into scientific discoveries about nature through hands-on learning. Enrichment activities are offered to gifted and talented students as well as in-need students through classroom attention, one-on-one instruction, and district personnel.

Crawford K-8 has been named a school of distinction in Colorado for its high CSAP achievement and growth scores. The elementary portion of the school meets all federal and state expectations in academic achievement and growth for reading, math, and science; it exceeds those expectations in writing. The middle school meets federal and state math and writing expectations for academic achievement and exceeds academic growth in reading, writing, and math. Historically, Crawford K-8 School ranks as a school of high academic learning in the district and the state of Colorado.

*History of Crawford School taken from Long Horns and Short Tales: A History of the Crawford Country Vol. I: Places by Mamie Ferrier and George Sibley. Copyright 1982 by Mamie Ferrier and George Sibley.