Crawford Preschool-6 Library

Welcome to the Crawford Preschool-6 school library, where over 12,000 books beckon our students to read, read, read. We are fortunate to have a subscription to Renaissance Enterprise, which gives our students access to every Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Vocabulary, and Literacy Skills test available.

Our collection includes almost every Newberry Medal book since that program began in 1922 as well a almost every Literacy Skills book available for elementary and middle school readers. Our students are encouraged to make selections from these great titles whenever possible.

Crawford's library is a dynamic place to visit! Displays are always changing in hopes of capturing students' interests by promoting a different genre, series, author, subject, etc. Of course, there is our one-of-a-kind AR reading wall, which tracks each student's progress from the "launch pad" to the "castle parapet."

Readers are definitely leaders at Crawford School!